Mahi Consultants Ltd true consulting partner to its valuable customers. Our mission is to act as an extension to the SME sectors, to aid in the successful SAP, IT transformation and technology initiatives.

Nearly 3,000 mid-market wholesale distributors/importers and manufacturing companies trust their business process automation to the SAP Business technologies employed by Mahi Consultants Ltd.


Mahi Consultants Ltd Vision is to consistently improve on the capabilities of its team in specialized areas of expertise. With the enriched product and business knowledge, Mahi Consultants Ltd recommends its clients to accelerate the IT transformation into a single integrated platform and real-time reporting for achieving their business objectives. It is this trusted adviser role that will allow Mahi Consultants Ltd to act as a true partner throughout these initiatives.


Mahi Consultants Ltd is a leader in truly flexible SAP/ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other I.T. business solutions. Through the company’s innovative and targeted solutions we help you win customer loyalty and control costs by helping you gain greater control of your operations. By focusing on selected vertical markets, we deliver deep domain expertise to the industries that we serve.

Proven Customer Success

State-of-the-Art Technology

And an On-Going Commitment to Your Success


Companies today can’t afford to wait for their applications to catch up to their business. Now with solutions offered by Mahi Consultants Ltd., they don’t have to. Sophisticated customizations that used to take weeks or months with traditional software can be fully deployed within minutes, thanks to the products utilized by Mahi Consultants Ltd’s flexible technology platform.